Creating spaces that clients love to live in starts with hiring the right people and investing in their futures. We care about quality craftmanship, effective communication, and about building strong relationships with our clients and partners. Our goal is to provide a work environment that motivates, supports and inspires our people to grow with the company.

Current Openings:

Lead Carpenter/Supervisor

Small and growing 7-year-old remodeling and custom building company with a focus on customer service and good communication is seeking a skilled carpenter with strong custom framing experience. Demonstrated ability to lead and direct others is also a must. Current hiring is for custom framing of a house on the east side. Projects range from kitchens, bathrooms and basement remodels to additions with some miscellaneous handy work, including repairs and replacement of siding, doors, and windows. We are looking for a carpenter foreman with at least 8 years of varied construction experience. Projects range from kitchen remodels to commercial office T.I.’s. Our work is primarily residential and multi-family remodeling.

We offer: 401K with generous employee-match, vacation, healthcare (medical and vision) and career growth training

The Lead Carpenter is an onsite manager and liaison between project managers (PM) and tradesmen/subcontractors.


Increase profitability by:

  • Having a great relationship with the client
  • Organizing the job schedule and planning ahead
  • Do not take on challenges that are beyond your skill level unless PM is aware
  • Communicating with PM when questions or issues arise

Email PM after hours with non-urgent issues, call if urgent

Daily Schedule:

  • Be punctual – prior to crew to prepare for the day
  • Build client connection/be kind (be interested, take their trash cans in, etc.)
  • Inspection of quality of work performed by all staff and subcontractors
  • Inform PM of changes in client needs
  • Inform PM of discovery items before client
  • Keep staff productive – report bad conduct or poor performance to PM
  • Ensure job site and workers are in a safe environment
  • Keep job site organized, e.g. are tools and materials secure
  • Oversee and plan ahead for subcontractors: make sure they can work easily
  • Manage material ordering, delivery and control material runs – stay efficient
  • Coordinate special order items through PM
  • Communicate with client – answer questions and address concerns
  • Make a show of protecting the clients clean space from the work site area
  • Isolate the work area from all possible dust
  • Note Days Progress in Daily Log

At the Start of the Project (days prior):

EPA required lead dust control: isolate living areas and control all lead dust and debris

Create a material schedule and a timeline with PM if not provided

  • Identify sources and timing of special order items.
  • Identify locations of local suppliers
  • Discuss breakdown of responsibilities with PM: staff or sub
  • Discuss capabilities of particular subs on the project – replace/compensate for weakness, etc.
  • Lay out job / set up job
  • Review subcontracts
  • Review project scope/cost/specifications
  • Study plans
  • Review access: scaffold, ladders, etc.
  • Safety: fall risks, health risks, air quality
  • Site security: do we need job boxes
  • Material staging and deliveries
  • Special orders
  • Unknowns
  • Sequencing and CPM
  • Complete lead warning notice, post one at each entry door, send photo to CM


  • Document weekly safety meetings
  • Require and ensure proper safety equipment for self and others
  • Supply project and personnel as needed
  • Understand and utilize company APP and Safety Plan

At the Start of Each Week:

  • Create a material schedule and a timeline with PM if not provided
  • Inspect job site for safe and clean conditions before work begins
  • Re-organize the work space as needed for next phase (staging of materials)
  • Create and submit 2-week look ahead to Project and Production Manager
  • Update PM every 1-2 days via email on progress
  • Double-check superintendent handbook, pick out which lists can help you each week
  • Anticipate deviations in schedule and notify PM – identify and remove obstacles to success

Keeping Cost Down:

  • Protection – keep material covered outside
  • Designate uses for certain lengths/quality and set aside before starting

Working with People


  • Take shoes off when appropriate (consider benefit of booties)
  • Speak directly to them and look them in the eye; call them by name
  • Make them glad to have you in their house
  • Be very helpful – clean around your access areas, clean each day
  • Be confident, do not discuss mistakes, tell PM about client concerns
  • Agree to minor changes or extras: 10- or 15 minute tasks
  • Be sure you understand one another
  • Friendly and positive but not talkative


  • Production is priority
  • You set an important example
  • Clearly tell staff your expectations and help them improve their performance
  • Quality control shows our pride in our craftsmanship
  • Correct and teach whenever possible
  • Check their work, give appreciation and suggest improvements every day
  • Don’t let things slide: deal with problems quickly – contact PM to discuss


  • Make sure they know the scope of the project as it affects them
  • Make sure they know their contract
  • Make sure they know the quality level and insist that it be followed
  • Make sure they clean up their trash and respect the site
  • Educate yourself with technical knowledge
  • Become familiar with codes
  • Be ready for them and aware of what they need to do before they arrive
  • Don’t let them leave until they tell you when they will be back to finish – get commitment
  • Build good working relationships; be cooperative and assertive – develop a team attitude

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: DOE, $25.00 – $35.00/hour
Construction: 8 years
Carpentry: 5 years

To apply for the Lead Carpenter/Supervisor position please send your cover letter and resume to