Our Process

The Introduction:

Our first meeting is all about listening to you and developing an understanding about your goals, our services and how you currently use your home – what you love, what you’d like to change, and how you envision living in your home in the future. It’s not uncommon to share magazine clippings, rough sketches, or detailed drawings. It is also important that we understand each other about possible budget outcomes. Without having a realistic budget discussion, it does not make sense for us to develop a detailed budget.

Budgets and Cost Strategy:

The first budget we assemble is complimentary. Estimates are detailed and thorough to show you exactly where your money is going. We develop a preliminary budget that includes information from our first meeting, any design documents, historical and project-cost data, and consultations with our trade partners. This budget helps you understand your project and what you can include. Our design and construction expertise allows us to recognize potential pitfalls across the budget, schedule, permitting, materials, and design spectrum, with the know-how to implement strategic solutions.

Preconstruction and Design Phase:

Our creative team offers kitchen, additions, basement, and bathroom design capabilities to create the living space that takes your home to the next level. We pinpoint potential problem areas and ensure we chart a smooth course together. Often, we carry a preconstruction contract with clients to help them develop the project scope, budget, and schedule. This important part of the process allows both parties to be certain of the plans, details, schedule, budget, and approach to the project.

Finalize the Plan and Contract:

We meet with our clients to review the budget estimate and schedule, and to clarify any logistics or other details before we begin work. The project officially starts after the contract is signed.

Mobilize and Build:

We start the project by setting up dust control, site protection, and any other details specific to your project environment. Schedules, estimates, drawings, contact information and first aid are delivered to the site. Materials, tools, and tradesmen are brought in to prepare for any required deconstruction, and then the project begins.


Throughout the project, our clients meet with Harjo Construction’s Owner, Project Manager and Project Supervisor. This allows us to stay on top of budget, schedule, and any design details that will need clarification.


Near completion we tour the site with you and keep a list of any needed corrections or touch-ups to ensure we meet expectations, and to ensure we execute a smooth and clean departure from the project site. Ideally, we strive to do this without any input from you. At this point we haven’t arrived at the zero punch list project yet, but we’re close.

Follow up:

When the project is complete, we’re still here for you. We genuinely appreciate your feedback on our performance, which is why you may receive a survey from GuildQuality even if we don’t work together, or surveys during and after the project if we do, and we are always glad to answer any questions you may have. Let us know if you need anything.