4 Reasons to Consider Commercial Remodeling

One of our specialties here at Harjo is commercial remodeling. We take great pride in restyling offices and commercial buildings to be more efficient in terms of space and energy and to make a better impression on employees, clients, or customers. Let’s take a look at a few of the motivators many of our clients have to seeking out a commercial remodel.

1.) Going Greener

This is one of the most common reasons businesses consider remodeling. In this climate-conscious day and age, it not only reflects well on your company to keep a green office, but it will end up saving you a bundle in energy costs. If you’re located in an older building, it’s highly likely that you’d benefit from a green remodel or retrofit. Replacing windows and appliances, installing new heating or cooling systems, insulating, or restyling your lighting to use LEDs or timers will all help you cut costs and conserve energy. We can help you with projects large or small, or even to achieve LEED certification!

2.) Better Use of Space

When companies grow, they often find themselves facing the question of whether they should move or remodel to accommodate the new bodies. If you find yourself with more people than desks, the solution might not be moving offices, which is often entails breaking a multiple-year lease, but simply making better use of the space you do have. Harjo is happy to come in and look at your office and let you know what the best solution might be—it’s also possible that you can expand your office to another unit of the building, and remodeling a new wing is certainly easier and less expensive than leasing and customizing an entirely new space.

3.) First Impressions

Making a good impression on potential or existing customers, clients, or investors should be of paramount concern to any business. You want your office to give the impression of a forward-thinking, chic, and successful company. If you have a carpet on your floors from 1992, still use those gray padded cubicle walls, or have dingy fluorescent lighting, you might want to consider investing in your office’s appearance. Your office is part of your brand, and you both want to have a wow factor that will inspire confidence and esteem from your potential partners. Money you spend remodeling an ugly office will come back to you, not only from the improved reputation of your business, but the enjoyment your own employees take in being there.

4.) Increased Productivity

A remodeled office isn’t just a moral boost—it can also boost productivity. For example, you can make your space more efficient for workers by arranging desks to maximize opportunities for concentration or supervision. You can also foster collaboration by creating an open office format or group work spaces. According to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), 90 percent of upper management polled believed that a remodeled office design had a positive effect on worker productivity. Things like improving your overhead or natural lighting or providing updated, more ergonomic furnishings will make a big difference. Furthermore, renovated spaces usually require less maintenance and upkeep, meaning that you’ll even be making building maintenance staff more productive.

If you’re interested in a commercial remodel, call us at Harjo Construction. We are one of the most trusted contractors in Seattle, and will help you achieve exactly the office your business deserves. Get a free estimate today!