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Let’s transform your Seattle, WA kitchen into the family’s favorite room.

The Modern Kitchen is a hub of our daily lives — and a gathering place for family and friends to prepare and share a meal together.

When your Seattle, WA home was constructed, the kitchen was most-likely treated as a necessary utility room instead of what it can be today. Transform your minimized, dark and forgotten space with a gorgeous kitchen remodel.

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A Kitchen Remodel Creates a Dream Kitchen

Kitchen remodeling is one of the wisest investments you can make in your family’s daily happiness and in the resale value of your home. We’ve performed dozens of successful kitchen remodels in the Seattle area, and while we recognize every family is different, there are common themes.

Families come to us with their kitchen renovation in mind. They seek an open floor plan and more room to work, cook and entertain. We understand the challenges of remodeling Seattle’s older, smaller kitchens, and we have the knowledge and experience to transform and expand these spaces to fit a modern lifestyle.

Sometimes, a family is in love with the character of their home. We can work with you to preserve and elevate your home’s traditional charm. But, we also work with families who want to create a truly modern hub within their home—breaking free of the old and creating something completely new.

Explore Our Seattle Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Expand Your Seattle Kitchen Living Space

Many Seattle, Washington homes were built with small kitchens. Our designers can open pathways to improve traffic flow within the existing room and allow you to move comfortably as you work. A kitchen remodel that includes a thoughtful, built-in dining areas can bring people together at the edges of the day. And if through remodeling we have the opportunity to extend your kitchen’s footprint, this paves the way for even more options, additional sinks, prep areas, hidden drink fridges behind cabinetry, espresso bars and more.

Smart Storage Solutions for Your Seattle Kitchen

Thoughtfully-designed custom cabinetry allows you to store more of your favorite things within reach. To optimize storage capacity in your most-heavily-trafficked room—the kitchen, it may make sense to move an existing door or “bump out” a wall to add a simple life-changing pantry. You may find, in the end, that more of your possessions spark joy than you knew.

Modern Comforts and Modern Appliances

Imagine your new kitchen packed with modern conveniences and appliances. Transform the look and feel by adding a new tile backsplash, countertops, layered lighting, updated flooring and open shelves. Practical modern amenities such as a farmhouse sink, smart kitchen appliances, or an induction range will make you smile and think, “I have the best kitchen,” every time you use them.

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We also offer virtual home visits, preconstruction planning and design.

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Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

A remodeled kitchen adds value to both your home and quality of life. Practical and functional, it will make you smile every time you walk in. There are many reasons why Seattle homeowners choose to remodel their kitchens:

Personal style—In addition to adding new cabinets and countertops, you can add custom lighting and flooring to match your unique style.

Increased home value—A completely remodeled kitchen can add tremendous value to your house. It can also help you sell the home more quickly.

Improved functionality—Get rid of the awkward layout and eliminate inconvenience by designing your kitchen around the way you live your life.


Why Choose Harjo?

Harjo Construction has helped countless Seattle homeowners remodel their kitchens since 2010. With over 300 projects under our belt including many repeat clients, we have the experience and know-how to transform your old, small, or outdated kitchen into a modern marvel of convenience and functionality.

We’ve honed our skills and processes over the decades and strive to provide our clients with the utmost in professionalism, communication, and superior craftsmanship. Want a kitchen remodel but not sure what to do? Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose the ideal design and options that will provide you with a kitchen that matches your unique lifestyle.

Seattle Kitchen Remodel FAQS

How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Seattle?

A typical mid-range Seattle kitchen remodel costs around $88k. A mid-range remodel usually consists of a slight reconfiguration of your kitchen layout, such as the moving of your fridge, brand new cabinetry, upgraded countertops, inspired fixtures, and upgraded appliances.
A high-end kitchen remodel can cost upwards of $170k+. This is a more considerable investment for those who want nothing but the best in long term value and quality of materials. This type of remodeling can include a complete reconfiguration of your kitchen space as well as upgrading of your finishes, paints, cabinetry, fixtures, countertops, and appliances.


What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

Expanding the physical area of your kitchen and the quality of the materials used are two of the more expensive aspects of a Seattle kitchen remodel.

How can Harjo Construction help with someone’s kitchen remodel—especially if they only have a faint idea of what they want? What’s the first step?

With countless completed remodel projects under our belt, Harjo Construction has the know-how and experience to provide you with the kitchen of your dreams. The first step is to contact us and schedule a free consultation.
One of our professional reps will come out to your home and listen carefully to your concerns about your kitchen. We’ll make recommendations based upon the look, feel, and design that you have in mind.

Is it worth it to remodel your kitchen?

Without a doubt. A kitchen remodel immediately improves the quality-of-life aspects for all who live under your roof and visit your home. It also can significantly enhance the resale value and help your home sell quicker.

Where do you start when remodeling a kitchen?

The first place you should start when remodeling your kitchen is examining exactly what you don’t like about your old one. Maybe it’s too small, or the design is severely outdated. You should also look to the future—do you plan on having more children or more people living under your roof? By expanding the size of your kitchen, you’re also future-proofing your home.

Why is kitchen remodeling so expensive?

There are several factors that go into the cost of upgrading a kitchen. Construction costs, appliances, and material choices can cause the price of a remodel to rise.

Finding a Contractor
for Your Seattle Kitchen Remodeling Project

With over 300 projects completed since 2010, and countless happy Seattle homeowners among our clients, Harjo Construction has the experience and professional know-how to help you design and build the ideal kitchen.
Although we routinely work on projects created by our in-house design team, we can also partner with your chosen architect or designer for all magnitude of residential projects.
If you’re ready to speak to someone about your project or have any questions about remodeling your kitchen, contact us or give us a call at: (206) 909-6312.

Success Stories

“Harjo was on time, on budget, professional, and produced top quality work.  I’m a very detail oriented person who is hard to please, and they exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them.”
Lee, 2019 Kitchen Remodel

Let’s get started

We’ll guide you through the whole process.
We also offer virtual home visits, preconstruction planning and design.

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