Seattle Basement Remodeling

Sometimes the easiest way to double your square footage

A basement remodel can be … a living room. A spacious home office. Extra bedrooms for a growing family.

There are so many ways a basement remodel can improve your home and your life. Whatever your vision, our experienced basement team can help you unleash the potential and turn downstairs into your new favorite room. 

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Build a comfortable, fully-furnished mother-in-law apartment. Add a second entrance so you can rent it out as an ADU in the future. Create a modern, open-concept gathering space with a game room, kitchenette and wet bar. Design your ultimate wine-room sanctuary with lovely flooring. Once you’ve accepted that you can turn that dank, cramped unfinished basement into a sunny extension of your living space, the creative possibilities start to emerge.

Every home is different, and our basement renovation experts work closely with families to explore options. Some basement remodeling projects here in Seattle, WA entail raising the entire house or digging down further to achieve a more spacious feel. And while this may sound daunting, it’s more practical than you think. We can rework foundations and excavate around the house to create full-sized windows that will brighten the interior and allow natural light to shine.

Basements are naturally energy-efficient. When you combine with the zoning and permitting advantages, it often makes sense to at least consider the basement when you’re dreaming of ways to increase your square footage and living space.

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Basement Remodels Are Comfortable Year-Round

Since a basement is surrounded by earth, it is naturally energy efficient. Basements tend to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, which means they are cost-effective. We often do some light excavation to create full-height windows, which create a spacious feel and let the sunshine in.

Double your Living Space

Basement remodels offer some unique advantages when it comes to zoning and permits. 
Because it’s inside your home’s existing footprint, you won’t have to sacrifice precious backyard real estate. We can dig down or even lift the house to increase headroom, creating a sunny, open-concept space for your family.

A Personal Sanctuary in Seattle, WA

Some clients have turned their Seattle basements into a lounge, studio or game room to escape the bustle of life upstairs or a luxurious home office where they find focus and peace. Add a shower, bathroom, or other luxury amenities that will allow you to relax and unwind. We can design-build a seamless floorplan connecting upstairs and downstairs – or emphasize privacy, excavating to add a separate entrance for an ADU.

Relax. Enjoy your life. We’ve got this.

Our clients know they’re in good hands. Since 2010, we’ve honed our skills and perfected our process by completing over 300 home renovation and construction projects in Seattle and around the Puget Sound.

We’ve spent our lifetimes in the construction industry and built a company culture focused on honesty, integrity in craftsmanship. Over the course of your construction project, you’ll appreciate our consistently high level of communication and you’ll feel empowered in regular, weekly calls to talk about your project.

Our proven process reduces stress and accounts for every detail, from concept and design through preconstruction and construction, until the day you move in to your new space and beyond.

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