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We know that the building and remodeling processes are full of challenges and can be stressful for clients. We also believe that we can minimize and possibly eliminate much of that stress by placing more emphasis and value on clear and consistent client communications.


The smallest of projects has a lot of moving parts, so even with the best preconstruction planning in the universe, “stuff” happens. And when it does happen, Harjo Construction proves its integrity in craftsmanship and communication with consistent, honest feedback and engagement on every client project.

Kurt Harjo

Owner, General Contractor

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Since the age of 19, Kurt has dreamt of starting a business to build beautiful things. Growing up in construction, Kurt had a lot of preparation before founding Harjo Construction, including building tree houses, growing up with a home workshop, working in commercial construction during college, and later working in the field and project management.  If he had to choose the single most important thing to do in a day, Kurt believes it’s understanding priorities. He enjoys solving problems with clients, putting together strategies, and helping them visualize a new reality for their home. Inspired by Coach John Wooden, Kurt motivates others by helping people see new or bigger realities for themselves — discovering a capacity within them they weren’t aware was there. Evident in his management style, Kurt encourages his employees to grow by offering them new challenges. If he wasn’t improving homes, Kurt could see himself sailing around the world or designing and building furniture. In his spare time, he likes competitive mountain biking, playing volleyball, cooking and conversing with his wife Meghan and young son Koen.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Mountain Biking

Listening to: Khruangbin & Bears Den

Meg Harjo

Business Manager

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Meg grew up in New Mexico and spent time in St. Louis and Chicago before moving to Seattle in 2012 to work at Starbucks. After eight years at Starbucks, Meg left to join Harjo Construction as the business manager, overseeing financials, pipeline management, human resources and a variety of special projects.  She enjoys learning and is embracing the opportunity to learn the construction industry. When she’s not working, Meg is spending time with her toddler Koen and baby Anna.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Hiking & Backpacking

Listening to: Bloc Party, Passion Pit, The Postal Service & The XX

Matt Brown

Director of Operations

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Matt oversees and supports production daily to ensure the Harjo Team is completing jobs on budget and on schedule. Matt has 14 years of commercial construction and project experience working on commercial projects from Seattle to Alaska. Off the clock he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and kids hiking, biking, and skiing.  He’s originally from Wisconsin and is a Green Bay Packer fan in the land of the 12’s. He has lived in Washington and Alaska for the last 20 years and really enjoys the natural beauty of the Northwest.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Fishing in Alaska

Listening to: Podcasts!

Jessica Dowling


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Jessica has lived most of her life in WA but has roots in Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Florida and visited most all the states in between.  She completed her undergraduate degree in international business minoring in finance from Washington State University and later completed her master’s degree in accounting from Liberty University. Jessica also sings with a not-for-profit professional choir; The Breath of Aire which performs predominately throughout the state but has also traveled to perform throughout the country and internationally.

Favorite summertime activity: Jessica enjoys many outdoor activities, but her favorites are cycling, hiking, skiing, and camping.

Listening to:

Alexi Brown-Schmidt

Project Manager

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Starting his construction career in the field after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute, Alexi stayed in New York for 10 years, then came home to Seattle to get out of big city life and earn project management certification. You’ll now find Alexi back in the role of Project Manager & Design Manager.  A natural at thinking about the sequencing of building, Alexi inspires others by providing opportunities for professional growth, inspired himself by Dutch Architectural Theorist Rem Koolhaas. When away from work Alexi is managing the remodel of his own home, and taking occasional breaks outside to garden, paint nature, or go cycling.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Cycling

Listening to: Black Sabbath

Kaylee Dorsey

Office, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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Kaylee is almost always the first person people talk to when they contact Harjo Construction with a new project. With a BA from University of Washington and over 10 years of administrative experience, Kaylee excels in organization, management & visual design and is happiest when efficiently contributing to a team.  Working in residential construction has been a dream come true for Kaylee as she has always loved designing homes and seeing project through from start to finish! Kaylee recently returned to administrative work after years of being a bench jeweler in the engagement ring industry. In her spare time, Kaylee designs, manufactures and sells jewelry, is an avid gardener, and is currently remodeling her mid-century Seattle home.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Gardening & Boating on Lake Washington

Listening to: Kings of Leon

Luis Chaires


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Luis enjoys the home building process and helping his fellow carpenters, especially with framing. A self-professed “professional learner,” he’s always looking out for the client, from cleaning the job site to securing a property before he leaves. Luis likes the ample opportunity at Harjo Construction and isn’t deterred by complicated projects. Away from work, you might find Luis hiking a trail or relaxing at Ocean Shores.  Away from work, you might find Luis hiking a trail or relaxing at Ocean Shores.

Stacey Spencer


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Stacey fell in love with construction the very first time her father let her ‘work’ on one of his sites. From that moment on, she was hooked. He taught her everything, including how not to use a drill press! Before joining the Harjo team, Stacey flipped countless houses and has developed a strong appreciation for quality craftsmanship.  Art is her other passion and she loves turning architectural salvage into up-cycled pieces that can be enjoyed in our clients homes. She spends her spare time with her husband and two teenage daughters.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Hanging at the Lake near her cottage

Listening to: The Rolling Stones

Dino Davis


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As a Seattle native, Dino grew up in the Mill Creek area working for his father’s drywall and remodeling company where he learned the trades.  He is a journeyman finisher and painter.  Dino’s career has led him to be a technology executive and realtor while always doing one or two construction projects a year. He returned full time to Residential construction running the program for Habitat for Humanity in Kitsap County.  When not working, he is usually sailing, fly fishing or playing golf; (Unless there is snow!) Then he’s in the cascades skiing.  He loves watching Hockey and formula one with his Girlfriend and their dog, Ryder, a muppet-faced honey badger from Mexico.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Sailing on his boat

Listening to: The Police, Brubeck & Charlie Parker

Juan Granados Borreguero

Project Coordinator & Designer

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Juan was born in Spain, raised partly there, partly in Florida and Singapore. He graduated from UW in 2020 (on zoom) with a dual degree in Architectural Design & Construction Management. His favorite courses were related to sustainability in design, and to the history of construction.  He is committed to human-centered and ecological design, and to efficient practices in construction projects. In his free time he likes to paint, take film photographs, grow plants, and learn languages.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Swimming in the Ocean & Sunbathing

Listening to: Mayra Andrade

Sadie Waddell

Project Coordinator & Designer

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A PNW native, Sadie graduated from Oregon State University in 2016 with a BS in Interior Design, followed directly by a move up to Seattle.  She started working in the hospitality industry where her role included project management as well as design and permitting for hotel renovations across the country. With a love for old Seattle homes, Sadie loves giving each home a new life and improving the functionality of the spaces within. On a more personal note, Sadie has a fluffy cat named Stevie, after Stevie Nicks, and in her spare time she enjoys seeing live music, camping with friends, and rollerblading around Green Lake.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Rollerblading at Green Lake

Listening to: The Shins

Michael Fraser

Project Coordinator & Designer

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From a young age Michael would often be found taking apart and reconstructing anything he could get his hands on. Understanding various systems and how things were built has been an interest for much of his life. Throughout his academic career, he has found the intersection of business, design, and technology to be intriguing as it is always evolving.  Over the years this passion has culminated into a Bachelor of Interior Design from Seattle Pacific University.  Michael’s design philosophy has a deep focus on creating human-centric designs. Michael has found that much of our built environment is not designed for humans of all ages and abilities. He emphasizes that universal design approaches need to be applied to all projects not only to meet your design needs but to help make our world more inclusive. Michael is politically engaged and is an advocate for more affordable housing and aid to fight homelessness. Outside of work, he can be found tinkering with virtual reality systems, engaging with photography/editing, fishing with friends, and relaxing at the Seattle waterfront.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Relaxing with his family on Hat Island

Listening to: Phoenix

Lindsay Perrigo

Project Coordinator

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Lindsay was born and raised in Northern California (wine country), went to UC Davis and graduated with a degree in International Relations and Socio-Cultural Anthropology. After college, she snapped up the first job that would have her and learned a lot about corporate office work. She moved to South Lake Tahoe to enjoy the mountains every day as she transitioned into a new role. In 2014 her boyfriend (now husband) and her moved to Washington for a change of scenery. Lindsay transitioned to working in the food & beverage industry, starting as customer service at Chateau Ste. Michelle then working in a local bar as a hostess, a brewery as a server, a steakhouse as a sommelier/server/manager and then most recently at the Herb Farm in Woodinville. After 7 years in hospitality, Lindsay went back to school for Project Management and transitioned to her Project Coordinator role at Harjo Construction.  Her hobbies include photography and hiking (usually both together), skiing, traveling to new places, WINE, hanging out at home with her husband and 3 cats.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Intense hikes & photography

Listening to: Classic Rock, AC/DC, etc.

Michael Higgins

Lead Carpenter

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Michael ran his own construction company for four years prior to being recruited into the Harjo family. He has been in construction for most of his adult life in one form or another including both remodels and new construction. He spent a few years working in sales of building materials, restoration of old homes, and custom projects.  Michael has a strong background in troubleshooting and remediation of construction defects and jobsite safety. Michael has lived in Seattle for 25 years. They own a mountain property in the Olympic mountains where they try to spend as much time as possible, and they’re preparing to build their own cabin. He also has a nine-year-old daughter.

Favorite Summertime Activity:  Kayaking, hiking, and camping with his family and two dogs

Listening to: If he’s not listening to classic rock [pink floyd, zeppelin etc.], he’s listening to traditional classical music for extra focus.

Octavio Jimenez Duarte


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Octavio brings a range of knowledge to the jobsite. He was a painter for a few years before he transitioned to working on framing, drywall, and finish carpentry which he has been skillfully mastering at Harjo for the past 5+ years. Octavio’s sense of humor brings our guys in the field together and adds to the camaraderie of the team.  In a previous career, Octavio played in a band and would go on tour singing and playing keyboard! He is a family man so when he is not working, Octavio enjoys spending time with his son who is training to be a marine, watching boxing, and spending time by the water.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Camping with his family

Listening to:Juan Gabriel, an incredible song writer!

Bryan Mercado


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Bryan began his career as a landscaper and then worked as a framer for six years before joining the Harjo Team. When he is not working on a jobsite, he enjoys cooking and the company of his cat.

Andres Camilo Nemojon


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Andres was born in Colombia and from a young age had a strong desire for personal growth and a passion to develop his professional skills. This passion led him to study industrial design at the Universidad del Bosque de Colombia in the city of Bogota. He loves serving people and solving problems at work.  In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter Isabella, who is his inspiration and motor of life!

Listening to: Electronic Music

Cole Cordell

Carpenter’s Apprentice

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Cole is the oldest sibling in his family and was raised by two hard-working parents who rubbed off on him at a young age. His hobbies include occasional guitar practice, and a passion for fitness and working out. His work experience includes carpentry, masonry and roofing.

Favorite Summertime Activity: Playing Golf

Listening to: Red Hot Chili Peppers