Why Wait Through Winter?—Start Your Construction Project Now!

Everyone seems to think that the only time the construction industry can get anything done is during spring and summer, and that’s just not true. The industry has changed a lot since the days when you needed to have a roof on by November, and improvements in technology mean that we can work on homes or buildings year-round!

The most important thing to note about year-round construction is that we live in the Pacific Northwest, not the Midwest—every month of the year here has an average temperature above freezing, and if we have any snowfall, we measure it in inches, not in feet. The biggest threat to Seattle construction is rain, but as we all know to well, that’s a year-round battle! New construction or remodeling projects in the winter are especially doable in our temperate climate.

Of course, there are drawbacks to winter builds. Daylight hours are shorter, and so there is decreased natural visibility. And of course, you’ll need to install weather-protecting materials for the site, including tarps, thermal blankets, and added insulation and heaters to keep the materials and pipes from expanding and contracting with the temperature.

But there are also particular advantages to winter construction. For example, demand is much lower, and it’s much easier to quickly secure a good contractor (like Harjo!) and team for your project—after all, we need to keep eating through winter! It’s also much faster to get your permits approved by the city because they are less busy.

Another great reason to build during the winter is that, even if there are potential weather-related expenses that might drive up the cost of your project, you’re already losing money if you’re sitting on property. If you already have property you hope to develop, you’re paying taxes on the land and perhaps taxes and rent somewhere else, too.

Finally, the ideal temperature, weather conditions, and humidity levels for construction almost never align. The summer can be too hot, or the fall and winter too wet. The unpredictability of the weather is something contractors deal with in all seasons—the key to a successful build isn’t picking the right time, but the right people. If you choose an experienced contractor like Harjo, we can guarantee that our team is ready to successfully negotiate any conditions to help you get your project finished quickly, within budget, and beautifully. Contact us today if you have a project you’d like to discuss!