Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Finish Your Attic or Basement Remodel

With Pacific Northwest winters being as wet and rainy as they are, we end up spending most of our time indoors.  This winter has been predicted to bring snow the 1st quarter of 2017, promising even more time to spend in your humble abode. 

Avoid cabin fever and expand the livable square footage of your home by finishing your basement or attic!  By finishing out these spaces, you’re not only adding more useable space to your home, you’re also increasing the value of your asset.


Convert the basement into a media room, family room, or a swanky speakeasy for entertaining other indoor-bound guests.  To maximize your home’s value, add a guest bedroom and bathroom.  These updates will help you appreciate your asset while it appreciates for you.  Call us with your ideas and we can help make your dream space come to life!

Photos courtesy of Houzz.com