Your Guide to Small Scale Home Additions

Additions come in many shapes and sizes. These home updates, large and small, are a great way to increase your living space and the value of your home.  If you’re looking to add some space within your home but don’t quite need another story or separate suite in your house, there are still many options for you. Some choices to consider include:

Expansions Replace with Master Suite Addition

Your living room is the center of your home. It’s the hub of family game time, cozy movie nights, and the couch you look forward to collapsing on at the end of a long day. Expanding that space is a great way to make more room for gatherings, parties, and your family’s enjoyment. A larger space will also give you the opportunity to implement more furniture, fireplaces, and fun features like game areas and pool tables.

Kitchen Additions

If you’ve been suffering from a bad case of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” perhaps a bigger kitchen is your solution. From updating countertops, to adding islands, to opening up shelf areas to create more counter space, adding to your kitchen is a great way to expand your cooking space and add value to your home. Implementing sustainable appliances, adding a barstool seating area, or creating more storage space are all great ways to make the most of your kitchen.

Recreation and Media Rooms

Recreation rooms are great places for family time, movie nights, and entertainment. If you’ve got an extra storage space in your home, or a guest bedroom that no one is using, expanding it and turning it into a rec room can be a fun way to make better use of your space. From finding fun and different furniture, to implementing top notch entertainment systems, to making a safe and easy space for kids to play, there are many benefits to adding a recreation room to your home.

When you make an addition to your house, you’re investing in your home’s worth and the amount of space in which your family as to enjoy. At Harjo Construction, we’ll work with you to figure out the best solution for your home and family. To learn more about our services or to get in touch with one of our experts, visit our website today!  

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