Three High-Tech Features To Include In Your Home Remodel

Lights that turn on at the sound of two claps and floors that vacuum themselves are no longer things of the future. With simple and affordable automation technology on the rise, these features are becoming staples of many homes. If you are interested in not only improving your home’s aesthetics and functionality but also equipping it with some state-of-the-art-features, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone planning a home remodel should consider incorporating some of the following high-tech features!

To Simplify Grocery Shopping: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

If you are prone to forgetting things on your grocery list, the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator may be the solution. This fridge does a lot more than keep your food cold: it will forever eliminate those last-minute trips to the grocery store when you forget an ingredient. With the Family Hub, you’ll be able to check the contents of your fridge from anywhere so you can take inventory on the go. Then, you can either purchase items while you’re at the store or sync your fridge with an online grocery store. This feature enables you to order items from anywhere and have them shipped to your doorstep.

To Lower Your Electric Bill: Curb Home Energy Monitoring System

Home automation can lower your electricity bill in a number of ways. From timers to prevent wasting electricity when lights are left on to smart home thermostat systems that can warm your house at certain times of the day, automated features are a great way to reduce your electricity consumption. If you are hoping to maximize your savings, Curb Home is an optimal way to control your power usage and avoid wasting electricity. This feature lets you manage power through your circuit breaker, control your electricity from your smartphone, and ultimately mitigate wasted energy in your home.

To Improve Home Security: Nest Cam

Smart security systems are a popular option for protecting your home. The Nest Cam will enable you to install smart locks, high-quality camera surveillance, and other features to ensure your home is safe even when you are not there. Nest Cam doesn’t only provide security footage but is also equipped with advanced audio technology. This system will alert you of any suspicious sounds in your neighborhood in hopes of giving you advance notice if there is any unusual activity in your area.

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