Four Elegant and Functional Features to Include in Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are hoping to fully reimagine your kitchen or make some simple updates to bring your space into the 21st century, kitchen remodels are a great way to add functional space while increasing your home’s value. If you are looking for some fun and new features to include in your kitchen remodel, consider these four elegant and functional options!

Embrace Island Life

Multifunctional kitchen islands are a popular kitchen remodel feature to consider. Islands create more space for dining, cooking, and storage, and we can install a wide variety of options to meet your family’s needs. A popular and functional solution is to have cooking space and storage on one side and bar stools for dining on the other. The sky’s the limit when implementing multifunctional kitchen islands in your home!

Explore Your Storage Solution Options

Whether you live in a compact space or have a few more kitchen gadgets than you care to admit, having enough storage space in your kitchen is crucial. Rather than piling up your spice jars or digging through a heap of tools to find your measuring cups, consider the following:

  • Floating shelves. Floating shelves are a great way to reduce clutter in your cabinets and use existing space.
  • A pull-out pantry. Pull-out pantries are an excellent solution for leveraging your space without having to dig through bins to find your things!
  • Hanging storage. Have you ever considered turning your growing pile of mugs into a cute display that gets them out of the way? Hanging mugs, pans, and other dishes is a great way to improve your kitchen’s organization and spice up your look at the same time.

Make a Splash With Tile

Tile backsplashes are another fun and elegant feature to add to your kitchen. These tile designs add a splash of color and texture to your kitchen and can be arranged in a number of patterns and designs. Implementing a tile backsplash can also help you to personalize your kitchen and brighten up your space!

Go Green

A remodel is the perfect time to think about the energy you use in your kitchen and find opportunities to reduce it. Some ways to shrink your carbon footprint (and your electric bill!) include:

  • Implement ENERGY STARⓇ appliances, which use less energy. Exploring options for greener ovens and dishwashers is also a great way to make your kitchen greener.
  • Include recycling and compost in your waste area.
  • Consider adding plants to your kitchen to clear your air and brighten your space.
  • Be mindful of other ways to keep your remodeling process green!

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