Open Concept Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a home to have more functional space while maintaining its original charm can be a difficult compromise. Our client’s home is a 1916 Craftsman that needed an upgrade and more space. Through our kitchen remodel and porch renovations, we have managed to keep the unique look of this house while improving its layout and functionality. You can find additional information and photos of our mudroom and foyer remodel for this house in last month’s blog post.

Opening Up the Space

We reconfigured the inside of the house to increase its footprint by redesigning the kitchen and opening it up to the living room. We removed the fireplace and chimney from the living room in order to create an open-concept space.

Before photo of the fireplace and wall separating the kitchen

In order to further open up the space, we constructed a half-wall room divider between the staircase and the dining room, and then rerouted the staircase around the kitchen.

After photo of the open entrance to the kitchen

Expanding the Kitchen

Our team also expanded the kitchen from its original L-shape to a U-shape, giving the family twice the number of cabinets and a pantry for extra storage.

Before photo of the kitchen and cabinet space

We also added a built-in bench for unobtrusive seating in the kitchen. This beautiful open-concept kitchen now has much more room for what a kitchen should always revolve around: family.

After photo of U-shaped kitchen with more cabinets and counter space

After photo of dining area and half-wall with additional cabinets

Remodeled Homes Tour

Our team is excited to have our 1916 Craftsman remodel featured in the 2018 Master Builders Association Remodeled Homes Tour. This unique tour invites visitors and homeowners interested in remodeling to experience the luxury and craftsmanship of some of King County’s finest home renovations. Guests will also have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with this remodel’s project manager and superintendent. You can visit this particular home on October 27th, 2018, and free tickets are available on the Remodeled Homes Tour website.


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