Converting Existing Spaces for Additional Use

If you live in an older Seattle home, you know that space is often at a premium. And if you’re like many Seattleites, you’ve probably got some underutilized spaces in your home that could be put to better use. Here are some ideas for converting existing spaces in your Seattle home to rooms you’ll use and enjoy. 

Transform the porch into a mudroom 

A porch to mudroom conversion is a great project for many homes, especially in the metro Seattle area where we often see rainy and muddy weather. If you have a porch that’s not being used, consider converting it to a mudroom. You can add hooks for coats and boots, storage for umbrellas and rain gear, and a bench or seating area for putting on and taking off shoes.  

Prior to renovating this 1916 Craftsman in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, the front entrance opened into the living room and the side porch entrance led to the home’s busiest spot—the kitchen. As part of the overall kitchen remodel project, we transformed the side porch into a mudroom that included built-in cubbies, a bench and plenty of hooks to hang wet outerwear. 

After – New Mudroom (replaced side porch)

Modify the front door entryway  

If you have an entryway that is open to the elements, consider enclosing it to create a mudroom space. Enclosing an entryway can also be a great way to add additional storage or even create a small home office. 

A front entrance can also be modified less drastically by simply carving out space for a small foyer and coat closet, as we did for this Phinney Ridge home. 

Convert the porch to extra living space  

Depending on where it is attached to your house, you may be able to convert the porch into usable living space to give more square footage to an existing room, such as the living room, the kitchen or add a walk-in closet to the primary suite. Porches can also be converted to an extra room, such as a home office, a home gym, or a guest bedroom. 

Remodel the attic to a bonus room 

An attic is a great space for converting into a bonus room. Bonus rooms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a playroom for kids, a home office, a media room, or even a library. Depending on the square footage, several smaller areas can be carved out of the room. 

Turn a garage or shed into a functional area 

In Seattle, many older homes have detached garages. These and sheds can often be converted into living spaces, such as a game room with a pool table, a mother-in-law suite or an ADU or DADU. If you have a garage or shed that’s under-utilized, consider converting it. 

Make an unfinished basement into an ADU 

If you have an unfinished basement, consider converting it to an ADU or mother-in-law suite. There are many benefits to having an ADU, including creating additional living space to your home and passive income.  

For this Magnolia Basement ADU remodel project, our clients wanted their basement to serve several purposes: a space to entertain, guest quarters, and an attractive potential Seattle Airbnb rental. This once unused space has been altered into a functional, income-generator. 

Unfinished basement to ADU in Magnolia

Adapt a roof into an outdoor living space 

If you have a flat roof, you may be able to convert it into an outdoor living space. This can be a great way to add additional square footage to your home where you can enjoy the outdoors and beautiful views. Outdoor living spaces can be more than a deck or patio. There are several creative ways to incorporate various outdoor “rooms” into your design, as seen in this lovely deck and garage combo in Phinney Ridge

Garage deck in Phinney Ridge

Converting existing spaces be a great way to make the most of your area. If you have unused space in your Seattle home, consider one of these conversions.  

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