Seattle’s Best Home Remodeling Details

Seattle has some fantastic homes, so determining Seattle’s best home remodeling details can be a challenge. However, when it comes to making the most out of your home, reimagining the flow and functionality of your living space can make all the difference. Diving into home design at Harjo Construction is our specialty; we love nothing more than sharing what inspires us with our clients. While some trendy remodeling fads fade away, we know that Seattle homeowners crave timeless renovations and custom additions that elevate the beauty and potential of their homes. From floor to ceiling, front door to backyard, we share some of the best home remodeling details we’re seeing in the remodeling world today. 


Intentional Laundry Rooms, Mudrooms, and Coat Closets 

The homes in Seattle have history; they are rich with character and class. However, one thing that they are historically lacking are dedicated spaces for modern storage tucked away in discreet places. Adding cabinets and shelving to areas like the laundry room or mudroom are great ways to get the most out of these disguised spots while also meeting your needs while contributing to the beauty of these rooms. Customizing our designs to match the wants of those we work with; these additions contribute to the beauty of these rooms while keeping the integrity of the layout and flow intact.  

Interior spots often serve a dual purpose, such as the Wallingford neighborhood home we recently remodeled. Transforming the mudroom off the kitchen into a butler-style panty, we included open shelving to increase the functionality of the space which allowed it to also serve as a coat room. 

This alcove tub in the guest bath can evolve as the family’s needs change.

Evolving Bathrooms 

As experts in home remodeling, we have seen on timeless accounts that we can create something beautiful today that can easily transform into something elegant later. As a result, bathrooms are getting more attention than ever and nonprimary bathrooms were the second-most-frequently updated rooms in 2022 according to Houzz. Designing with the future in mind, many parents are opting for alcove tubs in guest bathrooms because they are easily accessible for their small children. By keeping their options open, this style bathtub is seamlessly modified later on with the addition of a glass partition or privacy door as the kids grow older.  


Stunning Staircases 

One thing we can’t get enough of at Harjo Construction is taking on complex challenges. There is nothing more exciting than transforming a beautiful home into something exquisite by adding a statement-piece staircase. Art and innovation intersected for us in 2022 with a remodel project in Loyal Heights. Even though the custom-built and pre-assembled staircase presented some unique obstacles upon installation, with the help of a crane and the expertise of the construction team, the final results highlighted the fine elegance of this home.  


Creative Outdoor Living Connections 

When imagining the possibilities of a home remodel, we are always thinking about how we can incorporate more connections throughout the design. Doorways are a special place to give extra attention to as they can encourage lively atmospheres in areas that may traditionally feel more separated. In keeping the style and age of the house in mind, we’ve engineered transitions that enliven experiences, such as the modern full-view garage door connection between the indoor and outdoor space in the Loyal Heights home

When selecting the right door for those who wish to preserve their home’s classic, craftsman-like charm, we have incorporated elegant French Door passageways that seamlessly transition from the kitchen to the dining room, such as this Wallingford neighborhood remodel

Flooring Options to Match Home Style 

What you walk on matters and the condition of your floors can make all the difference when you’re thinking about the value and longevity of your home. Some homes in the Seattle area come with hardwood floors that are in less-than-pristine condition. While keeping the age and design of the house under consideration, our first recommendation would be to refinish your hardwood floors (if you can). This can give your home an entirely new look.  

In houses with a mid-century modern look, more homeowners are opting for LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring than ever before. Standing out as the clear winner, these floors provide the beauty of hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Seeing as they are durable, waterproof, stain and scratch-resistant, and are impervious to warping, investing in a high-quality LVP is the preferred choice for pet owners, parents, and anyone who wants to elevate the aesthetic of their living space while keeping in mind the practicalities of daily life. 

Texture with Tiles 

Another way to get creative, and one we love at Harjo Construction, is by using tile, especially materials that are of the textured and organic persuasion. The Cloe Collection from Bedrosians is trending right now, and one that we have used in our office and various home remodels due to the handcrafted touch and brilliant glaze that it provides to showers and kitchen accents.  


Coming in a variety of textures, colors, patterns, materials, and sheens, tile can add personality to a room that speaks to the individuality of each homeowner. So, whether you prefer a classic subway-style pattern or lean more into the mosaic, when done right, tile adds elegance and beauty to a unique but still uniform space. 

White Walls Begone 

Many homeowners come to us because they want to add some life to their living space, but they aren’t sure how. We have a lot of fun customizing a paint palette that adds warmth to spaces that have been nothing but stark white for far too long. This season, we’re transitioning into creams and light grays that embrace ambiance while providing contrast with darker stained cabinets and inset cupboards. Walls that are encircled in soft shades such as Dove, Linen, Canvas, Pearl, Honey, and Mushroom can provide a lovely neutral base that allows the accent cabinetry and lighting fixtures to take center stage. 


A great way to lean into bolder and brighter statements with your walls is the addition of wallpapers, especially in small spaces like powder rooms, laundry rooms, and bar areas between the kitchen and the living space. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are also an ideal solution for renters or those who aren’t fully ready to commit to adding the big design punch permanently.  

As you start to feel inspired by hearing about the home remodeling details we’re most passionate about, you may be thinking about what changes you’d like to make in your own house. So whether you’re looking to add some accents to your existing spaces or you’re ready for an entire home transition from the ground up, contact us at Harjo Construction today. Your home renovation project may just become our new favorite thing.