Crown Hill Bathroom Remodel

Crown Hill Bathroom remodel This Modern Farmhouse-style chic primary bathroom with its achromatic color palette, marble-looking porcelain surrounded with glass accents and chrome cross-handle fixtures showcase how ordinary can transform into the extraordinary. This 1940’s home originally had an unused closet and dead space that needed an upgrade. The footprint was creatively annexed to form a full spa bath with a double vanity and walk-in closet, turning an eye sore into a luxurious place for the client’s enjoyment and rejuvenation.

Clean lines transition the vaulted ceiling to wetroom and precise installation of built-in shower features come together to exhibit elegant craftsmanship and attention to detail, elevating the space. The curb-less shower and compact freestanding bath stand out in this bathroom, with other details including tile niches in the shower and bidet seat.

The decision to use prefabricated cabinets cut cost, but otherwise there were no additional budgetary constraints. Extra tile was purposefully left with the client for any potential repairs in the future. Installing the curb-less shower pan into the wood-framed floors presented an additional challenge so the manufacturer’s representative was brought out to oversee the installation. There were no unexpected obstacles that called for adjustments in this bathroom.

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