Waterfront Custom Home

Seattle Area Waterfront Custom Home

Positioned along the scenic shores of Lake Sammamish, the Waterfront Custom Home project serves as a manifestation of collaborative endeavors between Encore Architects and Harjo Construction Services. Designed by Encore Architects, this residence caters to the requirements of a prominent commercial contracting firm owner, embodying a meticulous translation of architectural concepts into tangible reality.

Construction Overview:

Harjo Construction assumed responsibility for the shell construction phase, translating the designed blueprint into a physical structure. This encompassed the partial demolition of a two-story single-family home, renovation of approximately 3,000 square feet, and the addition of 3,000 square feet of new construction, including a detached garage spanning 700 square feet.

Structural Elements:

Harjo Construction meticulously executed tasks ranging from demolition, concrete work, framing, window and door installation, to siding and roofing. This phase established the structural foundation, incorporating meticulous weatherproofing measures, laying the groundwork for the subsequent implementation of interior design concepts by the owner and their designated team.

Site Optimization:

Beyond the confines of the residence, the project extended to site enhancements, including a new driveway facilitating access to the detached garage. Conscious selection of permeable pavement aligned with the natural surroundings. Adherence to FEMA floodplain regulations at an elevation of 33′ (NGVD 29) prompted Harjo Construction to propose compensatory storage within the house footprint. Integration of a new storm system, a fire line connection, and upgrades to the existing water meter underscored strategic project planning.


Exterior Aesthetics:

The exterior aesthetics of the Waterfront Custom Home attained a refined dimension with the incorporation of new cedar siding, an enduring feature that not only augments visual appeal but also signifies Harjo Construction’s commitment to meticulous craftsmanship.

Project Culmination:

Beyond its structural embodiment, the Waterfront Custom Home stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Encore Architects and the visionary homeowner. It represents an academic exploration of architectural finesse, blending structural integrity with nuanced design elements. From the grandeur of the structural composition to the subtlety of cedar siding, each facet reflects a commitment to excellence, defining the collaborative venture between Encore Architects and the adept craftsmen at Harjo Construction.

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