Harjo Construction

You’re about to invest serious time and money into a remodeling project—which means inviting a construction crew into your home for several weeks or months. If there is a time to do homework, this would be it.

Harjo has a point of view on how to navigate the selection process and alleviate your risk. We see selecting a contractor as two parts investigation and one part intuition. When choosing a contractor, first review their portfolio of work, their expertise, client references, licensing, and insurance credentials. Then have a face-to-face meeting where you can get your questions answered, as well as get to know who will be in your home. This meeting ensures that you can experience for yourself the company’s ability to communicate effectively, after you have reviewed their experience and references.

Our Process

Our first meeting is all about listening to you and understanding your goals.  Learn more about Our Process.

Greenwood Remodel Kitchen

Residential Remodeling

Whether you’re remodeling you whole home, expanding space with an addition or updating a couple rooms, we have options for you.

Multi-Family & Commercial

Browse through our portfolio of commercial retrofits, renovations and tenant improvements.