Where to Start With Large Scale Home Additions

Whether you are interested in adding an extra story to your house, looking to increase the size of your kitchen, or hoping to turn that screened-in porch into an AirBNB, there are many benefits to making home additions. Having additional rooms in your home makes it easier to assist family members, increases space for your kids, and may even help you make extra income.  From expanding rooms to creating accessory dwelling units (ADU), here are a few additions to consider if you’re hoping to expand your home.

Mother-in-Law Suite

According to the AARP, nearly a quarter of baby boomers anticipate their parents or in-laws moving in with them at some point. It’s both economical and convenient to have aging family members under the same roof. However, both parties often need some degree of independence to coexist. Having a Mother-in-Law suite where your family members have their own space within your home can be a great solution.

There are several ways to make this addition a reality. Oftentimes, garages and porches can be enclosed to create a bigger space within your home. Building up on top of garages or elsewhere within the home is also a great solution. Combining two bedrooms into one larger living space is also an option. If you’re interested in adding a Mother-in-Law suite to your home, our team at Harjo Construction can help you create a unit that meets your specific needs.

Income Suite

Long and short-term home rentals are a great way to use space you own and help you pay your mortgage. For homeowners whose children have grown up and moved away, or those who simply want to get more creative with the space they already have, an income suite is a great solution. Whether you’re looking for a space that includes a kitchen and bathroom that you can rent out for the long term, or a shorter term AirBNB-type rental, an income suite is an addition that will add value to your home and pay for itself in the long run! One client even built an ADU to move into and ended up renting out the main house to Airbnb users. He says it’s been quite the payoff!

Add New Story

If you need additional space within your home beyond an extra bedroom or just a bit more space, a new story could be your answer. A new story is a great way to add more rooms for growing families, a comfortable place to add entertainment space, an option for both an additional dwelling unit and another living space. Additional stories also make for a great chance to add decks and patios for your home to increase your outdoor living space as well as your homes interior.

Where should I build an addition in my home?

If you’re hoping to make an addition to your home but aren’t sure if it will work with your house’s design, there are many ways to make additions work. A few areas where additions can be made include but aren’t limited to:

  • Above the Garage: If your home as an extended garage area, building on top of that unit can be a great place to build an addition.
  • Build Up: If you’re looking to add more space to you home and building codes permit, building second story can be a great option.
  • Expanding the Back: If adding space within your home’s current boundaries won’t work, expanding towards the rear of your home is another potential solution.
  • Decks and Exterior Expansions: For a smaller scale addition to meet the needs of someone looking for a bit more living space, adding decks and patios could be your solution. These spaces are ideal for parties, summer gatherings, and a little bit of the great outdoors without leaving home.

When you make an addition to your house, you’re investing in your home’s worth and the amount of space in which your family as to enjoy. At Harjo Construction, we’ll work with you to figure out the best solution for your home and family. To learn more about our services or to get in touch with one of our experts, visit our website today!

Image courtesy of Pexels.com