Why Building a Second Story Addition in Seattle is Smart 

Is a second story addition a good choice for you? If you’re thinking about expanding your home, you’ve got two options: build up or build out. Here in Seattle, the housing market is hot, and adding a second-story addition is a smart way to adapt your house to meet your needs. This option allows you to stay in your home while avoiding the headache of buying and selling in today’s market. Let’s look at why you may want to build a second-story addition to your home in Seattle. 

A Second Story Addition Creates More Space 

If your goal is to add more square footage without the cost of losing precious yard space, it’s wise to think “up.” Second stories provide endless expansion opportunities, without the cost of losing your outdoor patio, deck, or entertainment space. A horizontal expansion also comes at the expense of losing privacy, since your home will inevitably creep closer to your neighbor’s property. In many cases, Seattle homes are already maxed out at the limit for a horizontal footprint, and the only option for creating more space is to build upward. 

Your Family is Growing 

A growing family is one of the biggest reasons that homeowners decide to start looking for a new house. Luckily, as your family size increases, a big move isn’t your only option. In fact, building a second story can make it possible for your home to grow along with you. A second story is the perfect place to add bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional living space for new additions, teens who need more space, and adult family members who join the household. Your second-story bedrooms will provide much-needed privacy and living space for your growing family’s needs. 

A second-floor addition in Loyal Heights features this beautiful primary suite.  

To Increase the Home’s Value 

The total livable square footage of a home directly impacts its overall value, and a second-story addition will certainly increase yours. Many factors about your home and neighborhood are fixed, including the size of your property and its location, which affect its value. If your home is only one level, building a second story is the perfect opportunity to increase its value. Although adding on is a significant expense, you’ll likely recoup most of the cost by improving your home’s resale value. 

You Want to Add a Primary Suite 

A second-story suite addition is perfect for homeowners who want more space and privacy. With a primary suite addition, you can create a luxurious five-piece bath and have a quiet place to relax away from the rest of the house. 

To Avoid Seattle’s Tight Housing Market 

It’s no secret that the housing market in Seattle is booming and buying a home without making sacrifices can be difficult. The current inventory of houses for sale is low, and with major corporations like Microsoft and Amazon attracting new talent to our beautiful area, the housing market will always remain competitive.  

Although the idea of building a second story may seem like a headache, it’s nothing compared to the difficulties you’ll face in searching for a different home in Seattle. If you need more space and like where you live, it’s probably more prudent — and less stressful — to invest in your current house, where you’ve got the creativity and control to design precisely what you want. 


You Love Your Neighborhood 

Everyone knows the biggest rule in real estate is location, and if yours is ideal, it’s best to stay put. It’s challenging to find a neighborhood that meets all your needs, whether it’s great schools, friendly neighbors, walkable streets, or a tight-knit community. If you love your neighborhood, it may be best to consider building a second-story addition to meet your needs instead of moving to a new location.  

Seattle’s also home to some of the best views in the country, and your second-story addition can provide breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier and the water below. Consider adding a private suite above your home’s first floor, where you can enjoy the majestic scenery without homes or trees obstructing your view. 

If you’re thinking about adding a second story to your home, contact us today. Our experts at Harjo Construction will help you design and build a customized space that meets all your needs — and more. To learn more about our company and view recent projects, check out our portfolio.