Seattle’s Best Kitchen Trends for 2023

Over the years, we have seen kitchen trends evolve in remodeling. While some trends we wish would never happen again, there are some that we’re happy to know that they are making a comeback. As home renovation experts, we at Harjo Construction are sure to stay ahead of the shifting winds of fashionable fads so we can deliver relevant kitchen remodels and home additions that will withstand the test of time.  

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, often acting as the central connecting point of routine, conversation, and community. It’s the place where both meals and memories are made. It’s no wonder so many homeowners pay close attention to the big picture and the small details of these multifunctional spaces. And while the area needs to be functional, our clients (and design team) also want it to be beautiful. Here are our predictions of some of Seattle’s best kitchen trends for 2023. 


Kitchen Shelving That’s Open 

In the design world, open shelving is a hot topic. While some may think it’s out, we believe when used wisely, like this kitchen in this basement accessory dwelling unit in the Ballard home rebuild, it can add something exquisite to your home.  

Completely exposed shelving in the kitchen may not fit every home’s aesthetic or feel right for every person. While it truly comes down to personal preference, constructing accent ledges can add character, and extra space, to areas that may be underutilized. Intentional, styled open shelving adds warmth and personality without exposing every nook and cranny of storage. Even a small area between cabinets designed for family pictures or potted succulents can enhance the design of the space.  


Inset Kitchen Cabinets  

Now, this is a kitchen trend we can get behind. However, when designing a closed cabinet and drawer installation, we absolutely love using inset cabinets in kitchens. While most traditional cabinet doors and drawer fronts overlay the opening, inset cabinets are a type of framed cabinet where the doors and drawer fronts are inside the door opening. Adding a sleek and seamless finish in modern and classic style kitchens, they are more durable and easier to keep clean.  

Combined with the use of open shelving, as seen in this West Seattle DADU, it creates a chic look that is both modern and timeless. 

Mixing Kitchen Hardware 

Another trend we love at Harjo Construction is the direction of kitchen hardware. Steering away from true gold, people are going toward bronze colors and distressed finishes, which give these rooms a timeless appeal. We’re seeing aged brass, hand-cast brass, or an oil-rubbed patina standing out as the clear favorites, like in this Westlake condo remodel.  

We’re also seeing in the design world that mixing up styles and different hardware types are trending, and many of our clients are excited to try it. Slim and sleek finger pulls and pull cups are also listed as a top seller because they look great on most cabinets, come in various finishes, and are a flexible design choice. Rejuvenation is simply our go-to for hardware, and we highly recommend perusing their website because it will inspire you.  

Kitchen Color Is Reemerging 

We are happy to announce that color is finally coming back in kitchens. According to Forbes, white on white is on its way out, and our designers agree. While shades of white will always be an appealing choice due to their crisp and clean feel, there’s a transition into a creamy color palette that diversifies the landscape. Warmer tones like Linen, Canvas, Pearl, Dove, Honey, and Mushroom are increasing in popularity, and we’re even excited to see light grays being utilized more frequently.   

In addition to warmer whites, the trend is to embrace the use of darker cabinet colors. Another popular choice is adding a dark stain, such as an onyx black, to the existing wood cabinets and drawers. It gives the room warmth and contrast without being stark black, like what a flat paint would create.  

Strategic Kitchen Lighting 

Recessed canned lighting is still the default in kitchens, and this trend may never leave. However, one thing we are implementing in our kitchen designs is becoming much more strategic about the placement of canned lighting and using fewer of them. As our designers love to say, “Swiss cheese is meant to stay in the fridge, not put in the ceiling.”  

Over-canning creates an unappealing effect, and rarely are all the lights actually used. Being intentional about the zoning of where your lights are installed can make all the difference.   

Kitchen Islands & Breakfast Nooks as Dining Spots 

The versatile kitchen island is still a popular choice; however, we’re seeing it transform into a casual dining spot with additional seating. Harjo Construction is currently working on half a dozen remodeling projects where we are incorporating breakfast benches to maximize seating potential. While these seats don’t take the place of an actual dining room, they make the space more inviting so that the formal dining area is preserved for larger parties while eliminating the couch and TV dinner experience. The Wallingford Neighborhood home remodel is an excellent example of merging the kitchen island with dining to bring flexibility into the kitchen space. 

Kitchen Countertops 

Remaining the highest trend in the realm of surfaces in kitchens is quartz which looks and feels like marble. While marble would almost always be the preferred choice, the reality is that it is simply outside of many people’s home remodeling budgets. However, there are still ways to achieve that marble look and product lines like Cambria offer quartz options that remarkably resemble marble.  

Soapstone, while not trending in the same way as quartz, is proving to be the next best choice in countertop material. One thing to know for sure is that granite is still out and will likely remain that way for quite some time. 

One thing that we at Harjo Construction think needs to be trending higher is the use of black countertops. Incorporating an accent area of black countertops to the kitchen island, the perimeter, or even one spot gives the room a chic vibe to what has traditionally been a white space. 

Just like any trend, there are upsides and downsides to jumping on board. The options can be overwhelming when selecting the best fit for your home remodeling project. Here at Harjo Construction, we won’t try to sway you into something popular but rather encourage you to make the best choice for the style and age of your home and is the ideal option for your lifestyle. Contact us today to get started on creating a space that feels in vogue for you.