Harjo Team

Kurt Harjo

High integrity. Low stress.

I know that the building and remodeling process in general is full of challenges and can be stressful for clients.

I believe much of that stress can been minimized and possibly eliminated if more emphasis and value are placed on clear and consistent client communications. The smallest of projects has a lot of moving parts, so even with the best pre-construction planning in the universe, “stuff” happens. How that stuff gets handled is where we prove our integrity in craftsmanship and communication. My clients can expect consistent honest feedback and engagement on the project that they count on.

That philosophy pretty much underpins everything we do at Harjo. Where there’s integrity, things just work better – and that goes as much for our human communication as it does for home construction.

I have project expertise that ranges from new construction, to car dealerships, to medical buildings, and to high-tech office tenant improvements. But my passion is in custom building and remodeling of residential homes. I get a great deal of satisfaction out of helping enhance my clients’ lives by creating living environments that serve and inspire them.

Environmental stewardship is also very much top-of-mind for me, and I see Harjo Construction Services playing a role of advocate for healthy and sustainable building practices. These methods – ever evolving – are at the core of our business and I am a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor through the National Sustainable Building Advisor Program and an active member of the Northwest Ecobuilding Guild.

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